Kitty Witch Perfumery Review

Still haven’t found that new loved scent yet after our last fragrance review? Don’t give up just yet! I bring more amazingly yummy and magically scents to arouse your senses. As we head over to Etsy once more we are today taking a look into Kitty Witch Perfumery. Where combining magic and aromatherapy is what they specialize in!

My Review:

Pans Pleasure

The first few times I smelt this I was unsure of this scent. I could not exactly place the scent. What I could pull from it was that it had a very velvet like scent to it. Thick but smooth. The fragrances that make up this scent were cedar, sandalwood and vetivert. It wasn’t until I accidentally dumped it on myself while not paying attention did it come to my attention what it really smelt like. It all clicked. It smells of Cloves. Like Clove Cigarettes to be exact. In the bottle I could not place this. It is actually (Even with most the sample bottle dumped on me.) very subtle scent and yet very pleasant as well. This scent as certainly got my love! Something I will be investing more into later on. I could almost imagine this being a a good scent for a night out to like the theater or bowling alley. Maybe even to the Ren fair. I can’t get over how much I love this scent

White Heat

Okay so upon smelling this the first thing that popped into my head was Jelly Beans. It smells of Jelly Beans. Though right then and there I could not place which jelly bean though, not right away anyhow. After a few more sniffs of this I placed it pretty fast. Perhaps not so much a Jelly Bean scent as much as a Lemon Head. It smelt heavily of a Lemon Head candy. Which I personally like lemon heads and don’t mind the scent of it so much. Though it did cause a craving for the small sour candies. The fragrances that made up this scent are Pomegranate, Magnolia, Lotus, Amber, Moss, Patchouli and Lemon Verbena. Which now explains why it smells so heavily of lemon. The small hint of sweet that is added to give it that candy scent I would assume is from the pomegranate. Otherwise I think this would be a all over sour citrusy type scent. I really can’t smell the florals or earthy tones that should be there with the rest of the fragrances. A all over nice scent. I could almost imagine wearing this to something like a county fair or Carnival.

Sacred whore

So this one I need to state as well the look not just fragrance. Mainly because the fragrance oil to make this one up separates. You can see it separated. At first when I smelt it I did not like this at all. When I had realized perhaps I should shake it. It made this scent much more pleasant to the nose. If you see it is separated make sure to shake it. It does change the scent, due to mixing them back together. Now the scent of this is very spicy. HIGHLY spicy actually it has a bite to it. I went with describing it as a cinnamon. With a slight undertone of something floral. What actually makes up this scent is Myrrh, Cinnamon and Carnation. I can not smell Myrrh at all though it may also be whats contributing to the bite in this. Not a bad scent. Not for me though.

Voodoo you love

Okay so this was a interesting scent. It had a very herbal scent. By herbal I am not just talking random herbs. I am talking cooking herbs. To be more direct like Thyme. With a soft undertone of a floral, lavender actually. It is a all over nice scent, it would certainly be considered a calming fragrance. Looking at the fragrance to make up this scent was Ginger, Rose, Clove, Thyme and Lavender. I find this a little weird since I could not pull out any spice of the clove. Though like I stated I still find this to be rather nice and calming. I just find the Thyme to be a bit overpowering.

Buena JuJu

This was a very floral type scent with a soft undertone of woodsy like scent. Looking at the fragrances that make up this scent we are looking at Jasmine, Orange blossom, Mimosa, Iris, Vanilla, Lilly , Chypre & Jasmine. Its a very soft scent though in the end something nice to put on after a shower in the spring time.


Overall liked all the scents. I do have a couple favorites. I think their product is amazing and I do plan on purchasing a bunch of this in the future. None of my high hopes for any of this were disband. I thoroughly enjoyed them. The scents only last two to three hours though. Which for most people is okay though for people who are out and about for longer then that will have to carry theirs with them if they want to keep the scent the whole time out. That for me is a slight downer since I have had bad experience’s in the past with carry bottles of stuff with me. Having them leak in my purse or in my pocket is not something I look forward to. Though with how much I do like some of these scents I would be willing to take my chances.


So I looked at this product a couple times over before trying. In the store shop it states it leaves a slight stain of natural color to the lips. Though when I put it on I saw nothing other then a gloss type look. This was not a disappointment since I don’t typically wear lip sticks myself anyway unless for a special occasion. Perhaps it is suppose to be clear and I was just misreading or misunderstood on this. Either way I liked the product. It left my lips feeling soft without all the crud most your big name places put into their glosses. The ingredients used in this was 100% pure natural bee’s wax, organic grape seed oil, organic almond oil and homemade beet powder.

Tid-Bits about KittyWitch Perfumery

KittyWitch Perfumery open their shop doors on Etsy in 2010. They are established out of Hollis Maine USA. Their colognes and perfumes are from natural botanical sources. This means they are composed in a water base using the finest, purest natural fragrance oil blends. With this being the case each scent blends to the wearer to make a more unique scent.

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