Chesire’s Herbals Review

People in todays world are becoming more and more aware of what they put in or on their body. I tend to like to stay towards natural products as much as I can when I have a choice in it. I am always looking for new things to try and see what works and doesn’t. 
I have a low impact bulging disc in my lower back that tends to effect my life daily. 

It just so happen to start acting up the other day after being on my feet for more than a hour. The next day I received a package from Chesire’s Herbalsin the mail. Inside among the three things I received was a Comfrey Comfort Salve. So what is a Comfrey Comfort Salve. Well read on to find out! See why I am ranting and raving about how much I have become addicted to using this product! 

Comfrey Comfort Salve: 
Used on skin as often as one may need for things such as bruises, inflammation, minor wounds, strains and bites. It can also be used as a drawing salve, meaning it can be used on the skin to treat things like poison ivy & splinters. 

Ingredients in this salve are all natural. The base for it being beeswax with makes this salve very soft and easily spreadable. It also is very oily, though it evaporates into the skin easily without a residue left. The smell is a very nice soft scent I can pull out both chamomile and a flowery scent. None of it being assaulting to the senses though and is a rather relaxing scent. 

So does this really work… 

Well I have applied this to several things. First I used it on my back when the bulging disc started to act up. I had my husband put this on my lower back. Within ten minutes the pain started to go away a bit. I was able to move easier and for about a half hour I was in little pain. So it really did help with a deep a inflammation under my skin that was causing my disc to push on nerves and make it all swell and cause me issue. 

I also used this on a couple cuts I had on my hands from sewing. I put it on like a lotion almost at night and rubbed it into both my hands. Not only did the next morning the cuts looked healed over, my skin was soft as can be. The cut that typically would take a bit to close up was next to gone. (Not fully mind you but enough to make a difference.) 

The third thing I used this salve on was dry skin. I seem to be getting the start of eczema on areas of my body. So the other night when I went to go to bed I put on some of the salve over the dry skin to see if it would help. I have tried lotions in the past and it had not so I was not sure this would either. Needless to say though the next day when I woke up and checked the dry patch of skin was gone. Completely gone! Now keeping in mind that was a small patch I don’t think it would work on someone like my husband who has a severe case of it but we may try and see. 

I would have to say this product does work and more so then I expected. I love this product. I now use it every night. I also look forward to trying other products by them in the future! I highly recommend this company. 

They were both very friendly and had amazing customer service. There product was amazing and worked great! They are based out of Hawaii, so keep this in mind don’t order last minute! Keep your eyes open guys there are two more reviews from this company coming!  

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