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  Do you like to smell good but hate buying dud scents that fade over a short wear time. I get this quite often and it is aggravating. I spend money on product I expect it to have a long lasting effect I am searching for. Well since everywhere I have bought from seems to do nothing but disappoint. I headed on over to Etsy once again. In search of a long lasting scent that would not irritate my skin or dry it out. 

I happened across HatScents. I managed to get my hands on some of their fragrance oils to review for you all. All I can say before we get into this review is I was really impressed! Not with just the product but that the owner/creator was so knowledgeable and eager to share that knowledge with me. 

My Review: 

Egyptian Musk 

  First sniff while still in bottle gave away a soft and clean. On a second sniff I can pull out the scents of Aloeswood & Amber. The Amber sticking out the most in that. Once I put it on though I could also detect a bit of sandalwood in it as well. This scent is amazing. I love it and found my new favorite scent which I will be purchasing more of in the future. 
I could wear this everyday and never ever grow tired of it. The scent also lasted a long while. (Almost forty eight hours even after a shower!!) This is one of the ones that if you are okay with those soft earthy type scents. This is one you will want to check out! 

Blue Nile 

First sniff, it reminds me of something aquatic. Mixed with a flower scent. I would say that floral scent is either Lilac or Gardenias. Now I am typically not a floral type person but this is actually a soft scent in the matter of floral. Its pleasant. More of a spring scent though. It almost has that fresh clean kind of smell. Something I would imagine coming from someone who just stepped out of the shower actually. The longer I had this on the more I actually liked it. Though like I said before, its a spring scent. 

China Rain

I like this scent, A lot. It reminds me of a rainy spring day. It has that soft tone not over done with floral. Almost as if walking through a garden. I guess in a way you could also say it has the aquatic scent to it. It was all over pleasant a good spring evening scent. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar

This lives up to its name. Its a nice warm and welcoming smell. It has that soft tone of vanilla and yet that sweet sugar mixed in there. This is a scent I could really enjoy on the body during the holiday months. It kind of reminds me of warm sugar cookies! 

Vanilla Twist

Sadly I did not personally like this scent it was very much a very sugary almost over loaded on Vanilla but not a creamy vanilla more of vanilla in its raw state. Which I am never a very big fan of personally. I can picture a few people I know that may be interested by this scent. Sadly like I said just not something for me. So on that note if I do find someone who likes it I will bring about a better review on this. I just couldn’t get past the sweetness to it to get a good review of it. 

River of Honey 

On any sniff of this I took I could pull out only two scents. Vanilla and Honey. It has a very creamy like undertone which compliments the vanilla very well. It also seems to have a back drop scent of amber. Which helps pull it from being to sweet of a scent. Making this actually really nice blend. This really smells like a summer day scent. 

Superior Musk 

There is certainly a musk in this. I can find that scent as a back drop. I almost feel the main scent I am smelling in this is a citrus of some sort. Perhaps a grapefruit scent. Its nice but really strong. This I can be seen being worn by both male or female. It almost what I picture lust to smell like if the word had a smell. 

Oriental Kush

This one was a very intense scent that was in your face almost. Though in that spicy & bitter kind of way. It certainly had a bite to it. Though after a couple smells of this I started to sense something almost semi sweet under it. I would almost go to say it could have been like a warm chocolate. It was not something I personally would wear but it is not a bad scent either. It was kind of pleasant and on the right person I think it would be very enjoyable! 

24kt Gold Egyptian Musk 

This had about the same scent as the plain Egyptian musk the only difference I could pull out of it was the fact that it was sharper maybe a bit more of a spice undertone to it. Going back to this a couple times I finally pulled out what brought it that small sharpness. I started to detect a slight vanilla undertone in it. Pleasant but not my favorite. 

Natural Patchouli

If you have ever smelled patchouli you can guess what this smells like. It has that natural earthy, woodsy, musk. Its a very distinct scent not to mention tends to take a acquired liking for this scent. What I did like about this scent (being this is a scent I typically wear anyway) this one was a little more rich then what I am normally use to. Though still nice. 

Meditation Champa 

Now when I saw this one, I figured it would smell heavily of Nag Champa. Which tends to give me really bad headaches though I still love the scent. (Go Figure.) So on first sniff I was surprised to find that it actually did not smell of it. Not even after having it on for a while.Instead it smells of a floral type soap. I would say perhaps a rose or a exotic flower. Something along the lines of a lotus. I also pulled out hint of what I am assuming to be sandalwood. I actually really liked this. Though it has that floral scent it also has a tad bit of spice scent under it all. Something I can see as a summer eve scent. 

Small Note: The Scents above are only eleven of HatScents scents. She does have many more so make sure to check them all out! 

Tid-Bits about HatScents: 

HatScents was founded by Rebecca Julian of Columbus Ohio. She prides herself highly on her product, knowledge about her product and her customer relations. Her overall goal is to make sure you the consumer have the best experience with her product as possible. She makes sure to keep you up to date from the time you place the order to the time she gets it in the mail. Just to make sure everything is running smoothly and getting to you. 

All HatScents fragrance oils are alcohol free. This to me is a big selling point since alcohol is what causes most skin to dry out and become irritated. So what you buy from her you can guarantee is nothing but high quality and at a affordable price! What more could one seriously want?! Hatscents oils are not just used as perfume and cologne but also for aromatherapy purposes and to improve personal health and well-being. I have noticed while wearing some of these I have stayed calm a lot more then usual as well as I have been in a bit of a better up lifted mood. 

Hat Review: 

Rebecca also crochets all the hat’s and scarves she sells in her shop by hand. Each one being made to the best quality possible and with the most comfortable, non scratchy yarn possible. The colors of them are beautiful and the designs are really nice. They can be used on any style hair from short straight to long and dread hair. 

I have to admit at first I was not sure about the hat. I am not a huge hat person and its hard for me to find ones I like or that stay on my head. That don’t look weird or awkward on me. None the less I tried this one. Let me tell you how much I have fallen in love with this hat. You can ask anyone I live with. From the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. I have this hat on. Does not matter whether I am leaving the house or not. It is very comfy and fits amazingly. Looks cute and doesn’t fall off or move around much on its own! Its a all around win and I am ready to tackle both spring and fall with this adorable piece of hat wear!  

Overall Review: 

I liked if not loved most these scents. They did not make me break out nor did they dry my skin out. The scent lasted all day, if not all day then close to it. I was all around happy with the products. I think out of all of them I only found one not for me. That I would probably never buy myself. At least not to put on myself. Perhaps if it was mixed with something else it would peek my interest more. Thinking about it though only one miss on eleven scents?! That’s batting pretty high if you ask me. I have very high faith that you could find your next favorite scent in this store. So what are you waiting for go find your new favorite scent?! While your at it get a head jump on spring and fall hat and scarf wear!

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