Kitty Wipes

  Petco Brand Grooming Wipes
Info about product:

  • Chamomile extract helps to remove dander and other allergens
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Clean your cat from head to tail
  • Gentle enough to use on kittens
  • Unscented for a fragrance-free groom 

Water, polysorbate 20, aloe vera, chamomile extract, glycerin, water soluble Vitamin E, potassium sorbate. 

So we recently got a Cat within the past couple weeks. We love her to pieces. Upon getting her we already knew my husband’s allergies would cause a flair up in his eczema. 
The issue though is we live next to restaurants and their dumpsters are against our property. Which in turn brings rodents into our yard. Come winter they come in our house. So instead of dealing with rats and mice we got a cat. 

What we did find is Petco Brand Grooming wipes. What they are, are bath wipes. What that means is it cleans away cat saliva.What most people don’t realize with Cats is that people aren’t typically allergic to Cat’s fur. It is there spit that most people are allergic to. This is not saying that you can’t be allergic to the fur or dander but with a cat that is less common then it is with the saliva.

This is not saying it does not help with dander from your cat. It actual helps keep that down as well. Now we got the unscented allergy relief. Cats can be just as sensitive about products with scent as a humans skin can. I was not willing to find this out the hard way. So the sensitive was the way to go. 

This has seem to help my husbands skin a lot as well! Surprisingly enough my Cat will sit and gladly let me wipe her down from head to tail. We have found that this works even better if you do it while you brush your cat. It gets up any loose dander and whisks it away. Leaving your pets skin dander free not to drop it later around the house.

When we are done her coat is so soft & clean! It is a product I would certainly recommended, at least till I find something better! 
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catnip Bubbles

    Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Catnip Bubbles 

About the Product: 
Super concentrated
Natural catnip extract for pure potent enjoyment
Mixes wacky catnip with fun interactive bubbles

So we found this catnip at the store the other day. I thought it was a cute idea and that my cat would probably love it. Specially since she tries to go after other bubbles that have been blown in the past. Upon getting home and opening the product. She was fully interested. The smell was potent and amazing! Which I am sure is what caught her attention. 

I read the directions and followed them. Rather simple, right? Well I think I got three bubbles out of this whole thing. Otherwise they did not work, at all! Instead it left a drippy mess on my clothing, floor and all over the bottle. Whilst my poor cat sat waiting so kindly for a bubble to pounce. 

To her dismay and my disappointment it never happen again. These bubbles, or lack there of and more so syrup serum they want to call bubbles. Were far from worth the money. I would not recommend spending your money on these in any way shape or form. 

I contacted the company about my disappointment with their product they were willing to give me a refund with proof of purchase as well as a few details from the bottle. 


So after reviewing a few things with the container it has come to my attention this may have been a older formula. The packaging on my bottle is completely different from the current packaging look. So, I would be willing to give this product a second chance; If I didn’t have to buy it.  

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