Silky Scents Review

Incense has been used for numerous amounts of years for multiple reason. Whether you use it for spiritual reasons, rituals, or just to make your house stink pretty it does not matter. The big thing is finding a good quality incense that doesn’t have problems with lighting. Has a scent that throws well not just smells as if it is a burning stick. Not to mention the couple incenses that smudge out on their own and wont hold the burn. I have run into this issue with manufactured incenses to often lately. Once more dealing with big companies who are looking for ways to cut corners and save money. Yet at the same time still bring in the same amount of money if not more from their consumers. 

Once more I take to Etsy in search of some of the best quality and small business who do care about us their consumers. Whom pride themselves on their product! Today I bring to you Silky’s Scents. I recently acquired some of their product. I got my hands on five different incense’s and three one inch wooden cones and one two inch charcoal cone. 

My Review: 

A small note to be had before I get into this. I did not look at any of the descriptions of this until after I did personal notes on my first impressions. 

Incense Sticks
Overall construction of the sticks were done really well. They were packed tightly and soaked through with scent. I had no problems lighting any of them and they all burned well. They gave off a great throw in the scent and none of them had a cheap smell. They were a very high quality. 

All sticks also burned for a hour exactly. Which is better then what I can say for the garbage I have been buying from the big box stores as of late. A sixty minute burn compared to a twenty to thirty minute burn does make a difference. The scents also lingered for at least another thirty minutes most the time longer after they were done being burned. 

Honey Vanilla Love Dust: 
On a first impression sniff of this without lighting it, it smelt heavily of honey. At first sniff I could not smell the vanilla but upon another sniff I caught the undertone of it though just barely. When my husband and I first lit it. The first thing that popped into both our minds was pipe tobacco scent. 

This is not a bad thing since it brought back some awesome memories of childhood and my fathers pipe. After it had been burning for a little the Vanilla became a stronger scent and the honey a meeker undertone. All together the scent blended well and was a very mild and nice scent. I could see this scent being a good scent to be burnt in the kitchen or even in a sun room. 

Black Cherry Bomb: 
The description for this on Etsy states that it is suppose to be like the scent Black Cherry from the 60’s and early 70’s. Seeing as to how I would have no way of knowing this. I am taking their word on it. 

The first impression on this scent at first had me doing second guessing myself. It does not exactly smell of black cherries. Which is what I thought it would smell of. Instead it had that bitter scent that a black cherry would have though. It was certainly unexpected though not bad. 

Once lit the smell became much sweeter. All most what I can remember as a child eating black cherries off the tree would do. Start off with bitterness and then after a couple seconds of chewing brought out the natural sweetness of the berry. It still had that underlining bitter bite in the scent though. All over a pleasant scent. 

Nag Champa: 
Okay so I have had my fair share of this incense. Typically the scents are all the same. It was strong of what I would expect Nag to smell of. It has that musky wood like smell you tend to get from it. I do like this scent but I have noticed this scent can easily be over powering and give many people headaches. It is hit and miss with me when it comes to the headache part. 

All in all though this one did not so much give me a headache but it was strong and I had to move it to another room. Still smelt it two rooms away though it was much meeker by the time it got to us. 

Witches Brew: 
The description for this one states its a mix of peach,apricot and blackberries. With middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon and rose. Topped with just a touch of a woodsy musk scent. 

This scent actually stumped me at first. It is one of those scents I knew I smelt before I just could not place it right away. Then it hit me. It smelt of a soap. Not any specific soap just a fruity soap. Though this fruity scent was not sweet it actually had a hint of a bitter earthy scent to it. 

When lit the fruit scent seem to come out more. Also became slightly sweet though mainly stayed that bitter notes smelt early. It actually reminds me of a Shisha I smoke occasionally. Very pleasant all the way around. I could certainly see burning this in the foyer on halloween or in fall in general. Possibly even in a sitting area. 

Once I had looked at the description for this and went back to smelling it I started to be able to pick out at least two of the scents. The cinnamon which is where that spicy bitter scent was coming from and the peach which though mild was hiding in there. 

The description on etsy states this contains a mix of star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, and melissa. As well as fresh green herbal notes and underlining tones of amber and woods.

I need to state before I get into this one that I was actually kind of dreading lighting this one. I am not a fan of anise. If you have ever tasted absinthe (Which I have) it has that very strong taste and smell of it. For those who don’t know what anise is, it is what they put in black licorice to give it the taste it has. So not a fan. The actual idea of it and thinking about the scent even makes my stomach lurch with sourness. None the less I lit it. Driven ever so by wanting to see what absinthe would smell like as a incense. 

Moving on, on the first impression cold sniff I was actually really surprised. As I was waiting for that sour turning in my stomach it did not come since this did not smell strongly of anise! It was mixed well with (at the time I did not know what) the other ingredients that it made it all very pleasant. The way I described it to my husband is it smelt the way I thought it would smell and taste before I had ever tried it myself. 

When lit I was still skeptical and waiting for that punch to the gut overwhelming anise scent I thought I would get. It never came. In fact I was really happy with this scent it had that sharp but sweet scent. I think the nutmeg and amber actually toned it down enough to make it easily a lovable scent for me. 

This is a scent I would light anywhere in my house. I do plan on getting some in the future! 

Cone Incense

Silky’s Scents sales two different types of cones. They sale one inch cones that are made out of wood. They also do two inch ones made of charcoal. They were all packed well, very potent scents. Soaked through so they throw really well on top of it! 

Two Inch Charcoal 

Frankincense. Now anyone who has smelt frankincense before will know this tends to be a potent scent to began with. There was no doubt in my mind this was going to throw well. Specially since before I even opened the packet I could smell it. 

Now I will be honest. I have not lit this one yet. For two reasons. One because my husband can’t stand it being in the same room as him. (He must be evil. I kid) As well as I wanted to make sure to keep a hold of this one until I did the video for these products. So I can not tell you a honest upon of how it throws, how it lingers or how long it burns for at this moment in time. I will do this in the future though and I will make sure to note it somewhere once I have burned it. 

One Inch Wooden Cones 
Nag Champa (See above review on this. It is the same)

Simply Sexy 
I can’t pin point any specific scent on this. I am assuming there is a cinnamon in there somewhere because this had a very musky yet spicy and bold scent. It was certainly on a cold sniff almost a in your face scent. Very strong. What I did like about this incense is when it was lit it mellowed but still packed a nice punch to it. It is a scent I would easily feel could belong in the bedroom. It does have that sexy appeal to it. Perhaps some of the scents in the ingredients used are from those of herbs/fruits that are considered aphrodisiac. 

Black Amethyst
Description found on Etsy combines aquatic top notes of Italian Bergamont, rare camellias & lime followed by exotic sandalwood & Vetiver. 

So upon first sniff this really did have a velvety scent to it. Musky I suppose would be a better scent then velvety but it gave off the appeal of velvet when I smelt this. Upon a second sniff I was able to pull out the under tones of sandalwood though it also had that very strong floral scent. This is another one I have not burned yet for I am currently letting the apartment sit for a little so not to mix scents. So a burned review or note will be taken and updated on later. I still have no doubt I will like this one as well. Though I am thinking it may be a bathroom sort of scent. 

Additional Information
Silky’s Scents is run by Linda Brown. Her customer service skills were outstanding! She was very pleasant and I was super happy working with her! She takes a lot of pride in her incense and puts nothing but her utmost best product forth that she can. All ingredients used are top notch and high quality to ensure you get nothing less then great quality. 

Each one of her stick incense and one inch wooden cone incense, are hand soaked in an enclosed system for at the very least four days or more. This way her product absorbs the scent completely. She then air dries them and packs them into a resealable bag so you get your product fresh and as potent as possible. 

Sticks come as twenty to a pack for six dollars and ninety nine cents (USD).
One inch wooden cone incense is fifteen to a pack for three dollars and seventy five cents (USD).

Their two inch charcoal cone incenses are made of high grade resins, oils and fragrance.. They soak these cones for two weeks to allow them to soak up all the scent they can manage to hold. These are large enough and potent enough not to only fill a big room with the amazing scents but they can be used outside as well. The cones because of being Charcoal also give off a clean burn, which for some people can be very important. 

Two inch Charcoal Cones come fifteen to a pack for four dollars and ninety five cents (USD). 

I loved each and every one of the scents. I did not have any issues with any of their product. The smell lingered for a while after, they burned just fine! She really holds up to what she prides herself on. I do recommend checking out what they have to offer! You will be nothing but impressed. I will certainly myself be buying from them in the future. 

You can find her link to her Etsy store below:

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Holland Candle Full Review

  Holland Candle Review 

I personally am tired of putting money into big box stores who don’t care about their product. Specially when it comes to things like candles and wax melts. I want a product that will satisfy. Do what it was intended to do. Make my place smell nice! So instead of putting any more money into those big box stores I went searching Etsy. What I found was several business. Today we are covering Hollands Candles. 

I recently got some to review to see if they hold up to her confidence in her product. The products in which I tried were a packet of break apart wickless wax melts in Egyptian Amber. A Bag of wickless wax tarts in Spiced Cranberry and a eight ounce jar candle with a Downy scent. 

My Review: 

Egyptian Amber: This break apart wax melt came as a section of six. Before I looked into what made up the scent I did a cold sniff. I could not really smell much through the packaging. Which meant it had a nice mild scent that wouldn’t assault the nose. The notes I could pull out of the scent and distinguish or at least what I would take a stab at figuring out were, jasmin and sandalwood. It is a scent that I am typically drawn to because it was almost a musk scent so it was a scent in which I looked forward to burning. 

Upon melting it though, the scent may be mild in the packet, but it throws AMAZINGLY when it is heated. I could smell it two rooms away! I burned it for two hours. It lingered for about two hours after I had turned it off! My husband even loved it. We were highly impressed with this one. The quality of the wax was also a very high, it did not crumble or break apart in a mess like I have experienced in the past with other companies melts. For the price of two dollars and fifty cents. This is well worth it! Even after running for two hours this wax still has life left in it for a second heating. 

Spiced Cranberry: This came in wax tarts five to a bag. You could certainly smell it through the bag. Which was a heavy cinnamon type scent. Giving that spice aspect. Now when you open the bag and pull one out. It still has that spice scent but it also has the under tones of a sweet tangy smell. Which I can presume to be the cranberry. This one I could not find in her listing’s anywhere. So I assume it is probably seasonal or out of stock at this point. 
I melted this one for a hour and half. The smell didn’t throw as far. Though it did fill my kitchen. It gave off that almost fresh scent of what I can only describe as something you would smell walking into a kitchen during the winter holidays. It was very pleasant and brings about feelings of a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Certainly something I could see being heated during the holidays even if you haven’t been cooking to give it that home sweet home type of surrounding. These run at three twenty five for a five pack. Certainly worth the investment! I still even have a second heating left in this one as well. 

Downy Scented Candle: The eight ounce Downy scented candle, when opened smelt strongly of what I would describe as fresh laundry. Maybe even as far as going to say that scent you get after hanging your cloths out to dry on a line in the middle of spring. It has a nice long wick which you do want to make sure to clip down slightly before lighting. 

At first when I lit this, I decided the best place in the house for this particular candle would have been either my bedroom or bathroom. We went with the latter. It pooled quickly and seem to melt evenly. The only issue I had with it at first is the throw of the scent wasn’t there. I shrugged it off since it had only been a minute since I lit it. At the twenty minute check in on it I was glad to have shrugged off my intentional concern of the throw of the scent. My bathroom already started to smell of that fresh clean scent I was looking forward to! It also could be smelt two rooms away! The longer I let it burn the more the scent developed and the more I fell in love with this candle. For four dollars and fifty cents this is more then worth the price and I still have plenty of hours of burning left in this candle! 

Wrap up: I love these products! I can easily and with confidence say that they do hold up to what she prides herself on. I highly suggest investing in a some of her candles and melts! The scents are amazing and they melt and burn with no problem at all! Not to mention her customer service was above and beyond what one could wish for or even expect! What more could one person ask for! 

Info about Holland Candles; established in 2009 by owner Karen McMurry from Holland Michigan. She started making candles because she loved candles but found them to be too expensive in your big box stores. So instead she decided to make them! Not only did she start making them but she figured why should she only be the one to enjoy them. She makes and sales reasonably priced, high quality paraffin soy candles and wax melts. 

You can find her product both on Etsy as well as you can buy them in person at her husbands and hers small restaurant, The Windmill in downtown Holland Michigan. 

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