Smarty Pants Review Smarty Pants

So I gave these a shot the other day. Upon opening them they remind me a lot of gum drops. Which could go either way to me. I like some gum drops I don’t like other so I was slightly curious. The colors were of orange and red. They didn’t have much of a smell to them which I am fine with. Perhaps a small hint of fruit if anything. 

These are rather small and even though they are chewable I would still keep them out of reach of children. They could be mistaken for candy. As well as being a choking hazard. Upon taking them they tasted of no one thing but certainly of fruit snacks. Like those we use to eat as children. I could easily do these daily. I felt generally better all day then when I don’t take vitamins. So this is a certain possible invest me in the future.   Posted by Squeeks at 9:00 AM No comments:  Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Beauty Burst Review

    Beauty Burst

These supplements look like a taffy out of their wrappers. I assume the reasoning for them being chewable is to make it easier to take. Since some people can not or do not like swallowing pills. My experience with this supplement was not very pleasant. I would rather deal with the taste of the Biotin Pills. First I am not crazy that it does not list anywhere on the packaging the full list of ingredients. Nor did it when I looked it up on the internet. I still could not find the full list of ingredients. It does however state it is gluten free. Which is good for those who can not eat gluten. 

They were fairly soft and chewable, which was a plus but if you have something like dentures I would not advise these. They have a taffy type texture even when chewing them. It took several moments for me to actually get through it. 

It taste strongly of mint and little like chocolate. Which I was kind of disappointed about. I was hoping it would taste like a andies candy. It did not. It was actually very gross. Because even as a mint taste it was a artificial mint taste and very sicking. If the chocolate tasted this bad I can only assume the berry one would. I imagine it tasting highly artificial and just as gross if not worse. All in all I would not buy this product at all. It is not for me. 

Thanks Bulu for this sample but I will pass! This was just down right gross.

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